A reliable and efficient haulage service

Reliability and traceability is vital in the haulage industry so it is our policy to renew our vehicles on a four year rotational basis. We believe this, together with our stringent vehicle maintenance regime, underpins our reputation for dependability.

All of our vehicles and trailers are fitted with telemetric GPS systems allowing us to track movements, record temperature readings and provide that information to customers who need it with minimal delay.

All refrigerated trailers are dual temperature, maintained to the highest standard possible, with the refrigeration equipment calibrated bi-annually to ensure the most accurate temperature control of customer goods.

Everything we do is driven by a need to be dependable, we are a company you can rely on

“Everything we do is driven by a need to be dependable, we are a company you can rely on”

In addition to our refrigerated fleet we also have a sizeable fleet of curtainside trailers perfect for all your ambient haulage needs, from animal feed to groceries we have you covered!

Having close to now having 40 years in the haulage industry this family business has decades of experience having been challenged time and again with adverse weather and difficult hard to reach delivery and collection points and always we have found a way to get the job done.

Our managing director and company founder Taylor Cowper instilled in his two sons Michael and Iain who both are now leading the company the commitment, determination and drive needed to provide the best possible service in all conditions.

We care about our customers and their goods. Trust in us and we wont let you down.

Flexible reliable service at a reasonable price

What we can offer: